Why Mobile Responsive Websites Are Important

Written by Paul Andrews
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In 2015, website must display perfectly on mobile phone and tablets.

If your website displays the same on a mobile device as it does on a computer screen, you are losing visitors. The significant swing in websites over the last few years has been the shift of website visitors from computers to mobile devices like iPhones and iPads and Android phones and Android tablets like the Nexus, Samsung, HTC, Asus and so on. Obviously these mobile devices do not have the same size screens as computers (mine are 24 inches) and so websites need to be mobile friendly to take advantage of these visitors. The term for this mobile responsive websites.

I’m often amazed when I see a new site launched that is not mobile responsive. In this day, there is no excuse for it and it is a massive misstep in business thinking and forward planning. When I look at the statistics of my clients, the one with the lowest number of mobile visits has 34% of visitors arriving at their site on a mobile device of some kind - and this is largely due to are particular program they employ being designed to run on a full sized computer screen. This highest has 87% from mobile devices. Both of these sites are mobile responsive. The latter is an ecommerce site selling women’s clothing and having the ability to offer a user friendly shopping platform to customers who surf the web on their mobile phones has seen a massive increase in sales from the store.

When you consider the number of people who now use voice search on Google or Siri on iPhone to search the web, the results that are returned are obviously going to be displayed on a mobile phone. If the user clicks on a link and goes to a website that is mobile phone friendly and looks great on their phone or tablet, then they are far more likely to engage with the website, whether that is finding information about a restaurant or attraction, buying clothes online or booking an event.

With the saturation of mobile phones and tablets and the near demise of the desktop computer or lap to all bus business and educational applications, and we’re witnessing a revolution (or evolution) in web surfing and website owners need to be ahead of this movement to keep relevant on the web.

What Do We Mean By Mobile Responsive Website?

Mobile friendly websites are called ‘Mobile Responsive’. This means the website template determines the size of the screen used to display the site and this it dynamically set itself up to fit this screen. This may involve changing the way the menu looks, moving the logo and other images, changing font sizes, moving modules from the size of the page – usually to the bottom of the page – and even hiding or displaying different content. In short, the mobile version of the website can look and function quite differently to the desktop version.

Only a few years ago, having a website display on a mobile device was a matter of developing an whole second mobile version of your site, or even going down the path of developing an itunes or android store application.

Mobile responsive websites even change their appearance between different devices and screen orientations. So a display on wide screen tablet may almost mirror the full screen website, but flip to portrait mode and it may look different. It really it pretty amazing technology.

At Long Road Website Development Dunsborough, we’re proud to say that all the website we’ve made in the past few years have employed mobile responsive technology. Of course the newer sites show far better examples of this as the technology develops and design tends follow user patterns. But one thing is certain, we’ve attempted to keep ourselves abreast of these trends and advise our clients accordingly. Our lightning fast and secure hosting also means that your mobile website will be available for your visitors whenever they are searching.

If you are thinking of getting a mobile responsive website for your business or club or almost any other application, contact Paul for an obligation free consultation and quote.

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