Many business and associations can benefit from a website that gives the website visitors more than the basic information and are designed more as communication tools. However, many do not have the experience, time or budget to engage in such a strategy.

With experienced website experts commanding six figure salaries, and office hardware and software set up costs in the thousands - small business and other associations are effectively locked out of this market. Very few companies require the services of a full time website administrator – but they sure could use someone who is on call to do things when required as if they were an employee.

This is where we come into the picture.

With a list of clients spanning the local (Dunsborough and Busselton) area, to major organisations and companies in Perth and the Eastern States and even international clients, Paul Andrews has a proven track record of reliability and value for money that ensures you get the best possible service and product.

Essentially, you contract Paul Andrews to be your website administrator and he acts as your employee and adviser. Whether it be a task based arrangement, timed schedule or even total service where things are done as they become necessary, he provides confidential, reliable, fast and diligent service so your website is always relevant, secure and responsive to your visitor’s needs. With the Joomla Content Management and Long Road Website Management Service a website like this is possible for you, your club or your business.

Your website can become a vibrant fresh portal your members and clientele visit regularly for information, products and other web based experiences. Whether your site needs to display regular news updates, photos, videos or other content we can do it for you. We can add your news updates, monitor and run website forums, users blogs, social networking systems, online shopping systems, sporting leagues, newsletters and many other systems quickly, efficiently and at a fair price.

As with all our services, all arrangements are custom quoted and designed with value for money in mind. Your needs are taken into account and then we negotiate a plan which is works for us both. Some current arrangements include the following:

Casual Tasks

We can update and modify your website as you need on a casual arrangement. You let Paul know what needs to be done and we issue a quote. Perfect if you decide to add a new software add-on to your site, but don’t need an ongoing arrangement.

Ongoing Arrangement:

Some clients engage in a year to year contract where regular news updating, monitoring and visitor support are required at a set cost. We determine the level of ongoing time required to support your site and then arrange a service fee to be paid at a set interval (fortnightly, monthly). These arrangements can be modified or cancelled at any time.

Examples of tasks: Running a sporting league system; monitoring/moderating website forums; regular news and multimedia updates; managing a social network/community; search engine and google adword campaigns; managing subscriptions to website member areas; generation of newsletters; management of online shopping systems and catalogs.

As with all Long Road Website Development services, we are reliable and aim to work for the best possible value for our clients and are available to provide support and advice at any time.

Contact Paul Andrews - Dunsborough Website Designer now to discuss your website needs.