Long Road Website Design Dunsborough work closely with our clients to produce the best possible website using tools selected specifically for your project. Paul Andrews works on a custom solution so your content is displayed in the most effective way for your particular need and audience.

All sites are constructed with sound search engine friendly techniques and modern design tools for the latest web browsers and computer innovations.

Once you've decide you want or need a website it can be difficult to know where to begin. In a rapidly developing field, you need someone who can provide you with honest advice, reliable service and the best possible value for your dollar.

The wrong decisions could cost you thousands and have far reaching impact on your website strategy. Let Paul Andrews from Long Road Website Development provide you with the kind of advice and service you’d expect and at a price you can afford.

Because we offer you the full service from domain name registration, website development and creation, website hosting, email services and; if required, website training or content management, you can feel safe in knowing you’re never alone and expected to be the expert at your website.

Our ongoing service and support is your guarantee of a reliable and vital website. Here are the steps involved in getting a website custom built by Long Road Website Design Dunsborough.


Decide what you want in a website: Make sure you have an idea who what you want your site to do and how you want it to look. Create a wishlist of functions you would like your site to perform and even create a list of sites that you think are closest to what you want. Get some content together, be it pictures or text, audio or video files, existing company logos or art work. The better prepared you are, the better we can serve you and the more accurate and realistic we can be in our design and quotation.


Contact Us: Please send an email, pick up the phone, or even use the live help system on this site and make contact with Paul. If you quickly give some idea of what you want we can start determining the best way to approach your site and we can arrange for a free consultation either in my office, at your location or over the phone.


Consultation: When we meet, Paul will have done some research based upon your initial requirements and can discuss options in more detail. A this time we will determine the best way to approach your project, we will discuss design and templating and we will discuss the various software and how it will work on your site. We will also discuss the content required for your site and any special requests you have for layout and operation. At this time I will give you a ball park figure on the price of the project and the time frame required for your website development.


Quotation: Following the consultation, Paul will calculate a firm quote for your website project including all costs involved in getting the site live and online. This written quotation will be delivered via email or mail and be good for three months. This quotation will be firm based upon the specifications agreed upon in our consultation. There will be no extra fees unless the design parameters are change by agreement.


Deposit: Once you have accepted the quotation, we require a non-refundable minimum deposit of $50% of the cost of the quoted amount to begin work. We require a deposit because of the extensive work involved in the initial stages of developing your site and the costs of purchasing software for your site. This reflects only part of the cost of the work we will do for you in developing your draft.


First Working Draft: Once we receive your deposit, Paul goes about creating the first draft of your website. This draft will be a fully working website showing deployment of the content management system, the initial graphical design and some sample content layouts. It will also include installation and set up of some of the main components. Once it is at an acceptable stage, you will be invited to peruse the site and give feedback and further refine the site design and implementation towards the next draft. At this stage Paul will request any further content that is required to complete your site.


Second Draft: Using the feedback and discussions resulting from the first working draft of your website and the subsequent content, Paul now works on a complete working model of your site. This will be a complete working site with all content and software brought to a working stage. Again, on completion you will be invited to give feedback and any further design tweaks.


Final Webite Development: Paul now works on finishing your site and aiming towards handover. At handover, any training will be arranged or conducted. Full payment will be required on completion at handover.


Ongoing Support or Management: Your hosting agreement will come with a base level of tech support and help with your website. For many clients, this is adequate and covers reasonable levels of phone and email support . For increased services or ongoing website management or updates, we will work on a custom plan to suit your needs and site requirements.

When you contract Long Road Website Design Dunsborough, you are never on your own. We aim to have a close relationship with our clients so that their website strategy is successful. From our free basic support through to more active website management and marketing and even support for your website visitors, we can help you every step of the way. Ask us about Search Engine Campaigns, Google Adwords, Social Networking, Newsletters and other ways to increase visitors to your site and improve your bottom line.

Contact Paul Andrews - Dunsborough Website Designer now to discuss your website needs.