Website hosting is as important as your website itself. Your website host is the service that makes your website available to the world. Webhosts are located in data centres. It provides your link to the work wide web – in fact the multitude of website hosting services in data centres around the work ARE the world wide web. So in a nutshell, it is the computer (called a rack) your website is sitting on with a link to the rest of the web. Clients lease space, service and internet connectivity on this rack.

Your choice of web host is of paramount importance to your website.

Essentially any computer that is connected to the internet can host a website – even the one you are sitting on now. However, to reliably deliver your website 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, a fairly specialist operation is required. To this end many huge buildings called data centres have sprung up around the globe at various internet connectivity points. These data centres house many thousands of racks and provide high quality connections to the internet. For example, the google search engine is rumoured to employ well over 30 data centres around the globe just to host google. They have even patented a design on a floating data centre system that works on wave energy!

Most date centres lease space in their facilities for businesses like Long Road Website Development. We lease racks and services from them and they provide the ongoing infrastructure and connections required. We have access to technical and programming staff on site as well as our own server administrator. Some data centres are much better than others, and certain locations are much better than others.

We believe our choice of data centre is among the best in the world and provides the type of reliability that major organisations demand. With this system, we can offer hosting that is as good as any available anywhere with a locally based contact and support system. Our servers are monitored around the clock and fine tuned to make sure they are always up to date and reliable so your site is online when your visitors want to see it.

With no major service disruption in the 10 years we have been hosting websites at our centre, your website is given the kind of reliable hosting it deserves at a price you can afford.

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